Check the website classifications below:
Categories Definition
Adult / Mature Content Sites with profane or vulgar content generally considered inappropriate for minors; includes sites that offer erotic content or ads for sexual services, but excludes sites with sexually explicit images
Pornography Sites with sexually explicit imagery designed for sexual arousal, including sites that offer sexual services
Sex Education Sites with or without explicit images that discuss reproduction, sexuality, birth control, sexually transmitted disease, safe sex, or coping with sexual trauma
Intimate Apparel / Swimsuit Sites that sell swimsuits or intimate apparel with images of models wearing them
Nudity Sites showing nude or partially nude images that are generally considered artistic, not vulgar or pornographic
Alcohol / Tobacco Sites that promote, sell, or provide information about alcohol or tobacco products
Illegal / Questionable Sites that promote and discuss how to perpetrate nonviolent crimes, including burglary, fraud, intellectual property theft, and plagiarism; includes sites that sell plagiarized or stolen materials
Tasteless Sites with content that is gratuitously offensive and shocking; includes sites that show extreme forms of body modification or mutilation and animal cruelty
Gambling Sites that promote or provide information on gambling, including online gambling sites
Violence / Hate / Racism Sites that promote hate and violence; includes sites that espouse prejudice against a social group, extremely violent and dangerous activities, mutilation and gore, or the creation of destructive devices
Weapons Sites about weapons, including their accessories and use; excludes sites about military institutions or sites that discuss weapons as sporting or recreational equipment
Abortion Sites that promote, encourage, or discuss abortion, including sites that cover moral or political views on abortion
Recreation / Hobbies Sites about recreational activities and hobbies, such as collecting, gardening, outdoor activities, traditional (non-video) games, and crafts; includes sites about pets, recreational facilities, or recreational organizations
Arts Sites about the visual arts, such as painting and sculpture
Entertainment Sites that promote or provide information about movies, music, non-news radio and television, books, or magazines
Business / Economy Sites about business and the economy, including entrepreneurship and marketing; includes corporate sites that do not fall under other categories
Cult / Occult Sites about alternative religions, beliefs, and religious practices, including those considered cult or occult
Internet Radio and TV Sites that primarily provide streaming radio or TV programming; excludes sites that provide other kinds of streaming content
Internet Telephony Sites that provide Web services or downloadable software for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls
Illegal Drugs Sites that promote, glamorize, supply, sell, or explain how to use illicit or illegal intoxicants
Marijuana Sites that discuss the cultivation, use, or preparation of marijuana, or sell related paraphernalia
Education School sites, distance learning sites, and other education-related sites
Cultural Institutions Sites controlled by organizations that seek to preserve cultural heritage, such as libraries or museums; also covers sites owned by the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, Rotary International, and similar organizations
Activist Groups Sites that promote change in public policy, public opinion, social practice, economic activities, or economic relationships; includes sites controlled by service, philanthropic, professional, or labor organizations
Financial Services Sites that provide information about or offer basic financial services, including sites owned by businesses in the financial industry
Brokerages / Trading Sites about investments in stocks or bonds, including online trading sites; includes sites about vehicle insurance
Games Sites about board games, card games, console games, or computer games; includes sites that sell games or related merchandise
Government / Legal Sites about the government, including laws or policies; excludes government military or health sites
Military Sites about military institutions or armed forces; excludes sites that discuss or sell weapons or military equipment
Politics Sites that discuss or are sponsored by political parties, interest groups, or similar organizations involved in public policy issues; includes non-hate sites that discuss conspiracy theories or alternative views on government
Health Sites about health, fitness, or well-being
Computers / Internet Sites about computers, the Internet, or related technology, including sites that sell or provide reviews of electronic devices
Proxy Avoidance Sites about bypassing proxy servers or Web filtering systems, including sites that provide tools for that purpose
Search Engines / Portals Search engine sites or portals that provide directories, indexes, or other retrieval systems for the Web
Internet Infrastructure Content servers, image servers, or sites used to gather, process, and present data and data analysis, including Web analytics tools and network monitors
Blogs / Web Communications Blog sites or forums on varying topics or topics not covered by other categories; sites that offer multiple types of Web-based communication, such as email or instant messaging
Photo Searches Sites that primarily host images, allowing users to share, organize, store, or search for photos or other images
Alternative Journals Online equivalents of supermarket tabloids and other fringe publications
Job Search / Careers Sites about finding employment or employment services
News / Media Sites about the news, current events, contemporary issues, or the weather; includes online magazines whose topics do not fall under other categories
Personals / Dating Sites that help visitors establish relationships, including sites that provide singles listings, matchmaking, or dating services
Translators / Cached Pages Online page translators or cached Web pages (used by search engines), which can be used to circumvent proxy servers and Web filtering systems
Reference General and specialized reference sites, including map, encyclopedia, dictionary, weather, how-to, and conversion sites
Social Networking Sites devoted to personal expression or communication, linking people with similar interests
Chat / Instant Messaging Sites that provide Web-based services or downloadable software for text-based instant messaging or chat
Email Sites that provide email services, including portals used by companies for Web-based email
Newsgroups Sites that offer access to Usenet or provide other newsgroup, forum, or bulletin board services
Religion Sites about popular religions, their practices, or their places of worship
Personal Sites Sites maintained by individuals about themselves or their interests; excludes personal pages in social networking sites, blog sites, or similar services
Personal Network Storage / File Download Servers Sites that provide personal online storage, backup, or hosting space, including those that provide encryption or other security services
Peer-to-peer Sites that provide information about or software for sharing and transferring files within a peer-to-peer (P2P) network
Shopping Sites that sell goods or support the sales of goods that do not fall under other categories; excludes online auction or bidding sites
Auctions Sites that serve as venues for selling or buying goods through bidding, including business sites that are being auctioned
Real Estate Sites about real estate, including those that provide assistance selling, leasing, purchasing, or renting property
Society / Lifestyle Sites that provide information about life or daily matters; excludes sites about entertainment, hobbies, sex, or sports, but includes sites about cosmetics or fashion
Gay / Lesbian Sites about gay, lesbian, transgender, or bisexual lifestyles
Gun Clubs / Hunting Sites about gun clubs or similar groups; includes sites about hunting, war gaming, or paintball facilities
Restaurants / Food Sites that list, review, discuss, advertise, or promote food, catering, dining services, cooking, or recipes
Sports Sites about sports or other competitive physical activities; includes fan sites or sites that sell sports merchandise
Travel Sites about travelling or travel destinations; includes travel booking and planning sites
Vehicles Sites about motorized transport, including customization, procurement of parts and actual vehicles, or repair services; excludes sites about military vehicles
Humor Sites intended for humor
Streaming Media / MP3 Sites that offer streaming video or audio content without radio or TV programming; sites that provide music or video downloads, such as MP3 or AVI files
Ringtones / Mobile Phone Downloads Sites that provide content for mobile devices, including ringtones, games, or videos
Software Downloads Sites dedicated to providing free, trial, or paid software downloads
Pay to Surf Sites that compensate users who view certain Web sites, email messages, or advertisements or users who click links or respond to surveys
Potentially Malicious Software Sites that contain potentially harmful downloads
Spyware Sites with downloads that gather and transmit data from computers owned by unsuspecting users
Phishing Fraudulent sites that mimic legitimate sites to gather sensitive information, such as user names and passwords
Spam Sites whose addresses have been found in spam messages
Adware Sites with downloads that display advertisements or other promotional content; includes sites that install browser helper objects (BHOs)
Malware Accomplice Sites used by malicious programs, including sites used to host upgrades or store stolen information
Disease Vector Sites that directly or indirectly facilitate the distribution of malicious software or source code
Cookies Sites that send malicious tracking cookies to visiting Web browsers
Dialers Sites with downloads that dial into other networks or premium-rate telephone numbers without user consent
Hacking Sites that provide software for bypassing computer security systems
Joke Program Sites that provide downloadable "joke" software, including applications that can unsettle users
Password Cracking Sites that distribute password cracking software
Remote Access Program Sites that provide tools for remotely monitoring and controlling computers
Made for AdSense Sites that use scraped or copied content to pollute search engines with redundant and generally unwanted results
For Kids Sites designed for children
Web Advertisement Sites dedicated to displaying advertisements, including sites used to display banner or popup ads
Web Hosting Sites of organizations that provide top-level domains or Web hosting services
Untested Sites that have not been classified under a category