The following are additional details you may want to know about Trend Micro SafeSync's shareable links:
    Using this method of sharing will mean that anyone with access to the shareable link will be able to view it.
    We will not make the shareable link available to anyone or allow it to be found by search engines. Unfortunately, we cannot control what other people do with it once you have made the link available to them.
    Each shareable link only gives access to the items you have selected. You can get different links for different items and give each of them to different people – a person is limited to view only the items associated with their shareable link.
    You may disable links to a file at any time. This will prevent everyone with access to the link (but who has not been added to the file as a specified person) from viewing the file.
    If you wish to restrict access to specific individuals, consider sharing the file with specific people instead.
    Those following the link can view the file but cannot make changes to it. For collaboration, setup a Teamspaces folder instead.
    When you give a link to a folder, any files added to that folder will also be visible to anyone accessing the shareable link.
    When you move or rename items, any shareable links to those will become invalid.
    Any media files you link to will be streamed with the Trend Micro SafeSync Media Player.
    Links to non-media files go directly to the file content. The file will download and open in the person's native application.
    Links to multiple files or whole folders will be shown in the Trend Micro SafeSync file manager. The files can be viewed or downloaded from here.


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