The following are the recommended files to block by extension name in ScanMail for Exchange.


.386 Windows Enhanced Mode Driver or Swap File
.ACM Audio Compression Manager Driver (Windows) and Windows System File
.ASP Active Server Page
.AVB Innoculan Anti-Virus Virus Infected File
.BAT Batch Processing
.BIN Binary File
.CLA Java Class File (usually .CLASS but can be shortened)
.CLASS Java Class File 
.CMD OS/2, WinNT Command File, DOS CP/M Command File, dBase II Program File
.CNV MS Word Data Conversion File
.COM Executable File
.CS* Corel Script
.DLL Dynamic Link Library
.DRV Device Driver
.EXE Executable File
.GMS Corel Global Macro Storage
.HLP Windows Help File
.HTA Hypertext Application (run apps from HTML doc)
.HTM, and .HTML Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
.HTT Hypertext Template
.INF Information or Setup File
.INI Initialization file (many)
.JS*, JS or JSE JavaScript Source Code 
.LNK Linker File, Windows Shortcut File
.MHT* MS MHTML Document (Archived Web Page)
.MPD Mini Port Driver
.OCX Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Control Extension
.OV* Program Overlay File (.OVL)
.PIF Windows Program Information File
.SCR Screen Saver Script
.SHS Shell Scrap Object File
.SYS System Device Driver
.TLB Remote Automation Truelib Files
.TSP Windows Telephony Service Provider
.VBS Visual Basic Script
.VBE Visual Basic Script Encrypted
.VXD Virtual Device Driver
.WBT WinBatch Script
.WIZ Wizard File
.WSH Windows Script Host Settings File


The following extension files can be blocked if the company does not encourage the exchange of any files

.CD* Corel Graphic and Corel Draw Template
.CPT Corel PhotoPaint
.DO* Documents
.EML MS Outlook Express Electronic Mail
.MD* Microsoft Access Database File
.MHT* MS MHTML Document (Archived Web Page)
.MPP MS Project File
.MPT MS Project Template File
.MSG Program Message, OzWin Message/Mail File, MS Mail Message
.NWS* MS Outlook Express News File
.VS* Visio Drawing
.WBK Word Backup and WordPerfect Workbook
.WPD Corel Word Perfect
.XL* Spreadsheets
.SMM Ami Pro Macro
.SHW Corel Presentation
.POT PowerPoint Template
.PP* PowerPoint File
.QPW Corel Quatro Pro
.OBD MS Office Binder
.RTF Rich Text Format